Evictions (FEDs)

Nobody likes resorting to an eviction. But if you have a tenant failing to comply with the terms of your lease, you may have no choice.

If you need to initiate the eviction process, the sooner you start the better. Delaying an eviction can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in lost rental days.

The first step is posting a 3-day notice. This gives your tenant a brief period to come into compliance. If the notice expires before your tenant comes into compliance, you have the right to file for eviction.

Colorado Law requires strict compliance with the evictions statutes. Should you fail to follow the procedures exactly as outlined in the statutes, the judge will not allow an eviction. And if you resort to self-help measures, you may be responsible for damages for a wrongful eviction. Such delays and damages can make self-help evictions more expensive than hiring an Eviction attorney from the start.

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