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At Weinberger Law LLC we offer services to assist with Wealth Transfer, Charitable Giving, Special Needs Trusts, and Guardianships & Conservatorships. If you need some assistance or information on Transfers, Trusts or Guardianship, contact our Boulder Attorney today.

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If your estate is worth over $5.45 million (the federal estate and gift tax exemption amount for 2016), establishing a wealth transfer and/or charitable giving plan is essential.

The federal estate and gift tax scheme, like the rest of our tax code, is incredibly complicated. But its saving grace is that many of the techniques used to reduce your estate tax liability can also be used to further your values. Annual gifting programs can help younger family members, for example, pay for college. And designating a charity or foundation as a beneficiary of your estate can significantly reduce your estate tax liability.

If you have questions relating to a taxable estate, contact us here or call 720-588-9830.

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Gifting or bequeathing to a disabled family member or friend requires extreme caution. Improperly planned gifts or inheritances can disqualify beneficiaries from needs-based government benefits.

If someone you love is either on government benefits or may qualify for benefits in the future, be sure to consult an attorney. If you’d like to discuss establishing a special needs trust, contact us here or call 720-588-9830.

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If someone you love can no longer make their own financial or healthcare decisions, you may need to initiate guardianship and conservatorship proceedings. These are court proceedings designed to protect disabled individuals both from themselves and potential predators.

These can be complex and emotionally trying proceedings. If you or a loved one is involved in a guardianship or conservatorship proceeding, contact us here or call 720-588-9830.