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Boulder Probate Administration Attorney

If you are looking for an Experienced Probate Administration Attorney in Boulder, schedule a consultation or phone call with Gina Weinberger of Weinberger Law, LLC. Our Boulder Attorney will help you navigate and better understand Probate and Estate Administration. At Weinberger Law, LLC we strives to make the process efficient and inexpensive.

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process used to settle a decedent’s estate. In Colorado, Probate includes:

  • Reviewing the Will,
  • Filing the Will with the applicable Probate Court (also called “Lodging the Will”),
  • Appointing a Personal Representative,
  • Creating an inventory of estate assets,
  • Filing final taxes,
  • Identifying and paying creditors, and
  • Distributing assets to named beneficiaries or heirs

In the State of Colorado most Probate proceedings are informal and unsupervised, meaning court involvement is minimal. The system is designed to allow private parties to settle the decedent’s affairs on their own, while still providing a venue should supervision been needed or requested. Some estates are organized in a manner that bypasses Probate entirely. In these cases, most of the same tasks listed above need to be completed, but parties do so without court filings.

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